7 Things to Expect When Working in the Food Service Industry

If you like cooking, you might be tempted to select a course that may earn you a job in a Food Service Industry. While this may make your dream come true, it is always not what many students think it is. One advantage of taking a course related to food service is that you may find a job faster once you earn your diploma or degree. But you must keep in mind that every sector comes with a challenge. And food service industry is not an exception.

Here are seven facts about working in a food service industry

1. You might have to work more than the regular working hours

Maybe you thought that you would finish your daily duties earlier in the evening so that you can find a time to get to the gym or spend some quality time with your family and friends. The truth is, that is not always the case with food service industry. More often, you will be required to finish some duties before your shift is over. For example, you will be required to leave everything cleaned and arranged before you step outside the door.

2. Forget about breaks

The federal law does not approve of breaks, but some sectors allow it. The fact is, working in a food service industry won’t allow you to make calls to your friends or your spouse for hours or just go out and have some fresh air. Remember; in a food industry, trying to have a break is like telling a customer to control his or her hunger. Unless you are the boss, that can’t happen. More often, rest time is always limited to 10 minutes and below.

3. Your workspace is never as safe as sitting in an office

If you are used to cooking, you might not have a hard time surviving in a busy kitchen. But since you won’t be the only one handling sharp objects, open flames, and other dangerous things, you will be required to be a little bit cautious. The truth is, working in a commercial kitchen is not the same as cooking in your home kitchen. Reason being; anything can happen, and with all the dangerous items lying around, it might be easy to get injured.

4. No one cares about your aspiration

When you are lucky enough to earn a degree or a college diploma, it is likely you will want more than just working in a busy restaurant to gain experience. One unfortunate fact is, most food industry bosses don’t care about your other interests except what you are expected to do while in the restaurant. Their primary interest is, seeing you arrive at the job early and doing what you’ve been hired for. Fortunately, not all bosses are like this.

5. You are always expected to put a smiley face while in front of a customer

While this is not a bad thing, it might feel like slavery. More often, your bosses won’t want to know how you woke up from your bed or what issues you have in life. Regardless of how sad you feel, putting a smiley face is mandatory while serving a customer. If you do the opposite, the chances are high that your boss will notice it and start thinking about firing you. Don’t forget that smiling is one of the most important traits of a customer service attendant and food service industry is not an exception.

6. You will always have cameras everywhere watching you

It will reach a point that you want some time alone to engage in some awkward activity, maybe dance a little or just have some fun to elevate your mood. Unlike working in your private office, working in a kitchen won’t offer you that opportunity. Depending on the restaurant you are working in, you might have cameras hidden in corners or flying everywhere to check on you. If you enjoy having some private time alone, this can be frustrating.

7. You will learn how to cope with unpleasant people

Sometimes, you feel much better when people understand that you also have feelings. Most customers don’t care. Most of them would like to take advantage of the fact that they are paying to release their anger on someone. If you are that person, you will have to learn how to be patient. Keep in mind; your boss will want to see you smile regardless of how the customer treats you.


If you love cooking, you will enjoy working in a restaurant or any food service industry. The trend is in metabolic cooking according to metabolic cooking review | weekly diet reviews. However, you must always be prepared for challenges. One thing you must remember is that unlike working in an office, you will be talking to and serving your customers directly. If you can handle every character you came across, then you won’t have a hard time making your dream come true.